Driving licence category B

If you need to take a driving license in English then Ascot driving school is the right match for you!

Driving licence... safe and easy!

Ascot Driving School is centrally located in Aalborg, on the corner of Vesterbro and Prince Street, just a stone's throw from the train station –
so it's very easy to get to the classroom and take your driving licence for car.

We offer classes for regular car that is category B licences, including routine hours and licence recovery and trailer license (category BE). If you need to take a driving license in English then Ascot driving school is the right match for you!

You can expect to have a successful experience whether you need routine hours or need to get a driving licence for very first time. We have students from all over Aalborg and north Jutland.

At Ascot Driving School we teach in small groups which are constantly adapted to the student's needs and their level in the course.

That means that if you choose our driving school you will constantly be led from an easier to more difficult task.

As a driving school, we think of the environment, that’s why our teachers drive cars that run about 20 km/h , but are still interesting to drive.

Price for driving license

Our prices are transparent and at the low end. You don't have to pay too much for a driving license.



Theory in English - class for approx. 9 weeks - and ready to theory test!

Driving licence category (B)

Legislative package:

  • Unlimited theory lessons
  • 4 lessons on manoeuvre track
  • 16 driving lessons on the road (45 min each lesson)
  • Renting car for driving test
  • 4 lessons Safe Driving Centre

Safe Driving Centre see additional costs.

These are our current prices and are not a binding offer. Prices are subject to change.

Additional costs and fees

Below you can see a list of fees and our current prices. You must be aware that not everyone can settle for the number of lessons the law package includes.

Safe Center Slipery area 1500,-

Police fee 1.170,-

Traffic-related first aid course 600,-

Health certificate (individually)

Extra driving lessons on the road 600,-

Interpreter - at your expense

Late cancellation 450,- /lesson

Extra lessons on Safe Driving Center 1500,-

Talk to a driving instructor

We are always just a phone call or an email away - call or write to us, we have both the time and the desire to answer your questions about driving licenses.


The law requires a minimum of theory training before you can go to the theory test. You must at least complete 29 lessons in theory.

We however offer unlimited theoretical teaching, it is traditional blackboard teaching, Should you be dyslexic, it is not an obstacle - with us you also get a theory book and access to online theory test for 120 days, all included in the package price.

Remember, this is a legal requirement that you follow the theory lessons, as this forms the basis for subsequent driving teaching.

Practical lessons

The law requires a minimum of driving training before you can go to the driving test the practical part consists of:

  • 4 lessons on manoeuvre track
  • 16 lessons on the road 
  • 4 lessons at a slippery area, Safe Driving Center

During 4 lessons at maneuvering track you will do different exercises, so you get a feel of the car and how it is driving before going out in traffic.

In the 16 lessons on the road you will learn how to operate the car under various road and traffic conditions. It is therefore necessary that you take driving lessons at different times of day and that you also take a driving lessons in the dark. 

At Safe Driving Center you must try type of driving that you can not practice on public roads, so you get to try how the car reacts under different conditions, for example skidding on a slippery road. For the practical test you wil be asked some technical questions.

Driving licences for 17-year-olds

From 1 January 2017, a three-year test period is starting, where the 17-year olds can take driver's licence,
and then drive with an experienced driver as companion until to the age of 18.

Same requirements

That's being introduced as a kind of mentoring that will make younger drivers safer on the road than they are today.

The 17-year-olds should, like 18-year-olds already today have to, pass both theory and driving test before they can get their driving licence issued. This means that requirements for driver training are still the same. The big difference is just that they can not drive alone before the age of 18.

Requirements for the companion

That person must be at least 30 years. He / she must have held a driving license for passenger in the past 10 years and in that period, the license must not have been revoked.

That person must at all times be able to legally drive the car. He or she may for example not be affected by alcohol while accompanying you.

It's your responsibility

It is your responsibility that you have told the attendant about the requirements, he / she must meet to drive with you. You must be able to document to the police that you've done it.

Train often

It's a good idea to train as much as possible together with one or more adults, that you are comfortable with and who are good at teaching.

So you get excellent experience behind the wheel and can be a safer driver, when you turn 18 years old and must drive alone.

When 17-year olds driving with a companion, you must drive only in Denmark.

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