First Aid Course

At Ascot Driving School , you can take the statutory traffic -related first aid course.

Course in first aid

 The course is from January 2013 statutory and consists of 8 training lessons.

Before one can come to the theory test, one must among other things hand in a first aid certificate. One can well start theory teaching without having completed the first aid course. We recommend that you complete the first aid course soon after you start your Driving license. Everyone can sign up, even if you are a student from another driving school, or you just want to get a first aid course.

If you sign up for First Aid at Ascot Driving School, the lesson will take place at the driving school premises Vesterbro 34. Our 1st aid instructor is "Bobo" who ensures that teaching is serious and professional, but at the same time humorous.


Our prices are transparent and at the low end.
Don't pay too much for a first aid course.

First Aid


First aid course

8 hour first aid instruction, advanced first aid certificate.

These are our current prices and are not a binding offer. Prices are subject to change.

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